Streamer Halva Special


The streamer Halwa model designed to give the ultimate solutions for packing Halwa in cups, trays, etc, in medium – large scale production. Suitable for various shapes and size containers.

Main Features:

  • Pneumatic operation (Up to 80 ppm)
  • Totally new design.
  • Innovative modular system, ready to expand from Single line to Double or Four lines (from simplex to duplex up to quadruplex)
  • Customer purchases the machine for a single line and in the future upgrade up to four lines with a simple and cheap kit that needs one day of installation, so to increased production capacity up to 4 times, without changing the machine.
  • Control panel with touch screen integrated on the machine’s frame.
  • All Electrical & Pneumatic components are placed on top of the machine. This allows to wash the machine in the working area and to keep a  clean environment under the machine anytime.
  • The pneumatic control center is integrated into the machine’s body behind a transparent window, which allows the operator constant visibility and the possibility to check the machine status
  • Filling station: Special SHFS –  Patented Halva dosing- cutting- filling unit (see full description below)
  • Auto Cup Feeding and Ejection
  • option for CIP filling system
  • 2 optional sealing stations: for pre-formed lids or membrane die cutting from a roll.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning, no tools required.
  • Auto feeding and pressing for the top lid
  • Optional topping stations for Pistachio, Peanuts, etc…
  • The machine can be easily adapted to handle a variety of cup sizes.
  • Option for a gas flush system (MAP)
  • Include exit conveyor.
  • The machine manufacture from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and plastic, which conform to CE, FDA, and 3A standards for food-grade materials.
  • PLC Control System
  • Stainless steel – IP65, Electrical cabinet.
  • Ergonomic &  innovative design of the protection doors, with special Hidden Open/Close system (Handles Free)
  • Operator interface with Touch Screen, alarm list, set up functions, and parameters modification.
  • Performed by one operator.


Volumetric special dosing system for HALWA, sticky or difficult products consisting of special dosing
systems, with heated hopper, product stirrer, and product-level sensor.
• Weight accuracy ± 2% if the product is homogeneous and the hopper level is consistent the accuracy can be better.
• Independent adjustment of the numbers of turns by servo motors, completed with:
➢ Tubes-plate for Halwa dispensing with diameter depending on cup size
➢ No. 1 pre-pushing auger into the hopper to keep constant load level.
➢ No. 1 dosing auger with alternate pushing motion (patented) with double pitch.
➢ No. 3 filling pipe for product insertion in the cup inclusive of hygienic design guillotine for product cutting
• Horizontal screw feeder
• Parts in contact with the product executed in AISI316 L stainless steel
• Automatic control of product level in the hopper Easy dismountable hopper for cleaning
• Thermo-regulators for temperature control inclusive of probes.
• Servo motorized double pitch auger
• Siemens electronics