SPINNER MFA50 equipped with a DOUBLE AUGER FILLER for the powder product filling.

Cones are located in a rotary magazine able to accept 14 piles of stackable cones.

Two cones, simultaneously,  are taken by a dedicated pick & place system and fed into the rotary disk of the machine.

The machine consists of a rotary carousel with 6 operation stations:

Station 1:

Magazine picker, where empty cones are taken from the rotary magazine and fed into the machine disk with dedicated holes.

Station 2:

Two independent sensors are controlling the cone presence and integrity to enable or disable the following filling operations.

Station 3:

Two cones are contemporary filled by a double servo-driven auger filler.

Station 4:

Two cones filled are shacked and vibrate in order to obtain product compacting inside the cone.

Station 5:

A double servo-drive twisting unit is closing the cone’s top edges by twisting the paper filter.

A dedicated to guiding is pushing and folding the twisted top so to firmly close the joint.

Station 6

Finished joints are ejected from the machine disk into a sliding chute out from the machine.