Semi auto / Fully auto cup filling & sealing machine

The spinner 5 model designed to give the ultimate solutions for packing wide range of products in cups, in small scale production such as: Liquid, paste, powder or granulated products.
This rotary cup filling & sealing machine suitable for the food and Cosmetic industries.
Suitable for various shapes and size containers. Recommended for small dairy or spread producers.
Available in 2 versions: Semi or Fully automatic model.

Main Features:

• Servo driven rotary platform
• Auto Cup Feeding and Ejection
• Piston filling station suitable for wide range of paste or liquid products
• 2 optional sealing stations: for pre formed lids or membrane die cutting from roll.
• Easy to disassemble for cleaning, no tools required.
• Different filling station for powder or granulated products.
• The machine can be easily adapted to handle a variety of cup sizes.
• PLC Control System
• Option for gas flush system
• The machine manufacture from stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, Which conform to CE, FDA and 3A standards for food grade materials.
• Performed by one operator.

Capacity: 25 pezzi / min
Input voltage: 220v,500w,50hz
Dimensions: 730x730x1700h mm
Net Weight: 350kg



  • auto machine for filling & sealing yogurt cups
  • auto machine for filling & sealing sauce cups
  • auto machine for filling & sealing body butter